why YACReader?

YACReader is an app for reading and managing digital comics, the whole ecosystem is formed by YACReader and YACReaderLibrary for desktops, yacreaderlibraryserver for embeded devices, like a NAS, YACReader for iOS and this version, YACReader for Android.

YACReader for Android, in its first version, has been launched as a remote browser and reader for YACReaderLibrary, you can browse your library remotely and also read any comics without using any space on your Android device.

The perfect user experience for reading your comics. The app has been designed to not being in your way while you are reading your comics, so you can just enjoy your readings thanks to its intuitive and configurable reading user interface.

enjoy your comics

YACReader offers an UI focused on making your comics collection pop up, personalize how your collection looks like with various styles, light and dark themes. Your current readings will appear in the continue reading banners, so you can always know what's next and resume your readings where you left them as soon as you start browsing your collections.

the best reading experience

...and more.

Take a look to the user manual if you want to learn in detail how the app looks and how it works.

always adapting

YACReader is and will be kept up to date with regular updates to take advance of new Android features and users' suggestions are always taken into account to adapt or add new features.

the best support

YACReader has been out there since 2009, and I am proud of always giving the best user support that I can offer, mails are usually replied in less than 24h, and users also have a forum where ask for help, report bugs or suggest new features.